St. John's & Zion Lutheran Churches

Zion’s Church Council Agenda

Proposed Agenda for the Zion Church Council Meeting – December 6, 2021

Opening Devotion and Prayer

Additions to/Adoption of Agenda

Secretary’s Minutes

Pastor’s Report

• Circuit Pastor
• Confirmation Class
• Ladies Aid
• Bible Classes
o Wednesday – “The Chosen”
o Sunday – Jesus’ Parables and “I Am” Statements
• Special Services
o Christmas Eve Service (December 24 at 6:30)
o Christmas Day Service (December 25 at 8:30)
o Joint New Year’s Eve Service (December 31 at 7:30)
• Missionary’s Conference – Hyatt Place in Lincoln (January 25&26)

Elder’s Report

• Communicant List
• Hymnals
• Nominating Committee Report
• Next Meeting – February 7 at 7:30

Parish Education Report

• Sunday School

Treasurer’s Report
Home Missions
CEF CAR (Christian Aid and Relief)
Campus Improvement Fund

WELS Shepherd Plan

Chairman’s Report

• Proposed bylaw changes
• Annual Meeting – January 9
• Next Council Meeting – February 7 at 8:00

Trustee’s Report

• Church
o Playground Equipment
o Sidewalk on west side of Fellowship Hall
• School Building

NELHS Report

WELS Representative Report

Adjourn and close with the Lord’s Prayer