St. John's & Zion Lutheran Churches

Zion’s Voters Meeting Agenda

JANUARY 14, 2024

Opening Prayer

Call to order/Roll Call

Additions to/Adoption of Agenda

Secretary’s Minutes

Chairman’s Report

• Addition of new voters (?)
• Elections
• Standing Vote of Thanks
• Next Meeting – July 14 following the service

Pastor’s Report

• Installation of Officers – January 21
• Bible Class & Confirmation Class report
• Statistics
• Special Services
o Ash Wednesday – February 14 (Services at 7:30 – communion during Ash Wednesday service)
o Maundy Thursday – Wednesday, March 27 at 7:30
o Joint Good Friday – March 29 (at St. John)
o Joint Ascension Day Service – May 9 (at St. Zion)
o Confirmation – May 12
• Circuit Pastor
• Youth Group
• District Missionaries’ Conference – January 30&31, Hyatt Place, Lincoln
• Nebraska District Convention – June 3-5, Kansas City
• St. Paul’s school children will be a part of the service on February 4
• KRT will be part of the service on February 11

Elder’s Report

• Memorial List
• Communion List
• Fair Rental Value/Pastor Housing Allowance and Mileage for 2024

Parish Education Report
Treasurer’s Report

• Annual Report
• Proposed Budget for 2022

Trustee’s Report

• Church
o Playground Equipment – Completed
o Sidewalk on west side of Fellowship Hall – Completed
o Wind Damage to Property – Completed
o Broken Concrete between church and school buildings
o Railing going up to balcony
o Sprinkler System

• Parsonage
o Southwest door

• Cemetery
o Mowing
o Driving Lane

NELHS Report

WELS Representative Report

Items From The Membership

Adjourn and close with the Lord’s Prayer